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Award-winning design at Mostratec 2019 will be patented by VILAGE Brazil IP

From 22 to 24 October the Liberato Foundation held the 34th edition of Mostratec, science and technology fair, at FENAC Event Center, in Novo Hamburgo/RS. The fair brought together young scientists from 21 countries.

The IBTeC Innovation Award, by Mostratec 2019, went to the project: “Degradation of dyes from the leather industry from the enzyme peroxidase extracted from sweet potato peel(Ipomoea Potatoes)and banana peel (Musa sp.)” The authors are students Kêmillyda Rosa Cardoso and Ágatha Behenck Afonso, fourth year students of the Technical Course in Chemistry at the Liberato Salzano Vieira da Cunha Foundation. The patent application for this project will be made by the VILAGE technical team, which annually offers this benefit to the VILAGE Young Inventor Award winner.

The awards ceremony was held on the night of October 25th, at the Feevale Theater and the VILAGE award was given by Fernanda Rauter, Director of Novo Hamburgo-RS Office.


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