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Silicon Valley Conference – Innovation Event

On November 30th happened the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo – Brazil, the 5th edition of Silicon Valley Conference 2019, event about the future and innovation held by StartSe.

Always mindful in this segment, VLG Brazil IP sent their representative to the event, the Director of International Affairs, Rafael Garutti.

“Among the most relevant topics were covered: lifelong learning, so that we can be successful in business, love and engagement, food technological transformation  and the impacts on economy. Mauricio Bevenutti, who was live from Silicon Valley, brought a lot of interesting information: Google already recognizes 95% of human speech and 20% of Google searches are already done by voice, which tends to be the means of communication that will be more explored, since the human being speaks 150 words per minute, but only types 40 words. He also spoke of “invisible brands”, with which the consumer comes into contact through sound. Still, Maurício spoke about Tik Tok: a new social network, which already has 10% of the Brazilian population and is the most downloaded network in the world.”, comments Rafael.

Junior Borneli (Partner of Startse), Isabella Pugliesi (Commercial Department of Startse) and Rafael Garutti (VILAGE).

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