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Registration of Software Source Code and screens before Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (INPI-Brazil).

Documents required (translated into Portuguese Language)

  • Code HASH of compressed file containing the Source Code;
  • Provision of Services Agreement certified copy (if any, legalization is required);
  • Authorization for Technologies amendments (if any).
  • Applicant’s full name and address;
  • Author’s full name, address, profession and marital status;
  • Power of Attorney: in PDF format, electronically signed via Certification Authority (e.g.: FNMT-RCM in Spain);
  • Simple questionnaire containing software general information for filing purposes (e.g.: Field of Activity);


Remark: A Deed of Assignment will be necessary IF the applicant is not the Software original author (e.g.: when the applicant is a Company).

Timeframe for Analysis

On average, it takes 10 days for Brazilian PTO grants and issues the Software Registration Certificate, since the registration is only based on a formalities check.

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