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Female Entrepreneurship is a talk agenda at VILAGE

It has become a tradition at Campinas-SP Office at VILAGE Brazil IP to promote exclusive lectures for clients and guests, where the participants can enrich their knowledge on various subjects and network.

On October 22nd, 2019, the chosen theme was: “What they didn’t tell you about female entrepreneurship and can be fatal to your professional growth”, a topic of major relevance in the current market. The lecture was given by subject matter expert Pâmela Ponce – Mentor in the startup programs of Sebrae and the Founder Institute – Silicon Valley.

The event was a success, with interaction and integration of all those present.

About the speaker

With her management, Pâmela transformed IAPRENDI into the most important company in the interior of São Paulo into solutions for leading female entrepreneurship. Contributing innovative solutions applied at startups and shared with the traditional business model. A paradigm break by bringing solutions and methodologies that respect the style of female leadership as the success model is not the same.


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